Music and Makaton, December 2018




St Thomas’s Christmas Tree Festival December 2018

Children from several Primary Schools attended workshops over six weeks, culminating in a public performance of Christmas songs, all signed throughout in Makaton.

Makaton Trainer Sonia Sansom,

St Thomas’s Church, Salisbury,

Wyndham Park Infants School,

St Martin’s Primary School,

Greentrees Primary School (Salisbury)


We were sincerely grateful to Mencap South West and to Hingston’s Antiques of Wilton, and the congregation of Farley Church, (Farley), for sponsoring this pilot project. Following this pilot project plans were made to create and publish extensive resources for church worship incorporating sign-language.

We are actively seeking sponsorship to enable MoV to develop further work to benefit vulnerable children and adults as part of an inclusive church community in Salisbury.

For further information about the Salisbury Signed Service project please contact

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