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Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. began as a small, voluntary enterprise in 2017, but as the work has developed so we need to find ways of paying for essential costs, to cover some of the fulltime Director's time and the fees for our typesetter and other assistants on the research and editorial team, and to bring in income to allow us to continue and develop our Sacred Music by Women Composers project, and others. 


Costs are kept to a minimum - all work is carried out from the Director's or others' homes, and much of the work to research and plan our projects is carried out voluntarily. Voluntary hours save us many thousands of pounds each year and we are hugely grateful to those who contribute to the work of the organisation in this way, and to those composers who support our projects financially. 


Covid-19 has hit our non-profit organisation hard and even without the ability to access the many govt grants available for commercial organisations we have kept going even while our customers have been furloughed and our places of worship closed. *(We acknowledge and are grateful for, a discretionary emergency grant of £3500 from Wiltshire Council in July 2020 and are grateful that Wiltshire Council recognises our work and the value of it).  


However, like any other organisation there are bills we can't avoid and we'd love to keep building our projects with brilliant project partners around the world who are keen to work with us!  


In a non-Covid year we would hope to cover our essential costs from the sales of our Anthology volumes but at present many choirs are unable to purchase resources due to the severe effect of Lockdown on the Arts and associated industries. This is having an inevitable 'knock-on' effect on our own situation. 


Here are some of the essential things we need to find ways of paying for: 

Accountant's fees

legal advice

membership of authorised bodies (Federation of Small Businesses; National Council for Voluntary Organisations; Making Music)

Insurances (Public Liability Insurance and insurance for our stock)

Stationery (including printing and photocopying)

IT hardware (to replace borrowed items) 

Software licences 

notional contribution towards heating/lighting/telephone

emails and cloud storage

website fees (including updated 'modern' website with capacity for online purchasing of downloads)

Banking and other financial fees

marketing (of our Anthology volumes) 

research (for further projects)

funding applications

licences (for in-copyright works reproduced within our published resources)



When our Anthology volumes are sold a proportion of that cost is retained by the bookseller (please try to purchase direct through Stainer and Bell where possible) and our composers/editors receive royalties fees from the sales of the volumes. The remainder of the monies feeds back into the coffers to help cover the above essential costs, but in order to grow there are further costs we need to meet. 


Due to Covid most of the works in our three volumes of Sacred Music by Women Composers have not yet been professionally recorded: many works missed out on premieres due to Covid-19 and many of you tell us how you'd love to hear these works before you purchase the sheet music. 


Our Recording Project will involve several professional choirs of national standing, who have come forward to offer to record the volumes piece by piece over the coming year:

we need to raise £400 per piece to enable them to be recorded professionally, in a Covid-safe environment. 


We need to raise £5,000 to enable our Makaton Mass project to move beyond its first phase (completed in 2019). (See tab entitled 'Makaton Mass') 


Donations of any size are welcome and can be made via the Paypal button on the page entitled 'Anthology of Sacred Music by Women Composers' or, if you would like details of other ways to donate please email louisestewart@multitudeofvoyces.co.uk 


Eventually, we aim not to need to ask for donations or sponsorship but to be self-sufficient as a non-profit community organisation, through the sales of our specialist resources, and we know that with a little more help during this difficult time, we will get there! 


Thank you for taking the time and care to read our Fundraising page. 

Louise Stewart (Director,  MoV). 


















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