Multitude of Voyces' Inclusive hymnal


This small hymnal will comprise around 40 hymns and hymn music intended for traditional
worship. Most will be new, historically unpublished, or published for the first time within living


This hymnal will be used alongside existing traditional resources for formal worship, to
allow congregations to diversify and expand their inclusive contributions to the sung liturgy.


The hymnal will be carefully researched, curated and commissioned to serve as an impactful and

powerful educational tool with which to open up conversations relating to inclusion and diversity
within Anglican and ecumenical worshipping communities.


It will provide new, interesting, affordable resources with which parishes will be able to broaden their worship and relate it to

some of the issues of our times.


We are very grateful to the Pratt Green Trust and to a private sponsor who have sponsored the research, composition and publication of this new collection.  


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