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Our Sponsors


This page relates to the sponsorship of Multitude of Voyces' Anthology series Sacred Music by Women Composers.

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Our work relies on the generosity of schools/universities/private individuals, to enable us to continue our painstaking research, preparation and publication of sacred works by women composers. We receive no major fundraising from any Arts or church-music organisations.


All donations to our work are very welcome: sponsors donating £100 or more will be named within the next print-run of each of our three Anthology volumes, and dedications can be added for institutions or loved ones. 


 New and returning Sponsors April 2020 - December 2021



Foresters Friendly Society Court 'Vale of Avon' No 5217

The Ambache Charitable Trust 
Boulanger Initiative
The Choirs of Jesus College, Cambridge
Magdalen College, Oxford
National Youth Choir of Scotland
Stainer and Bell Ltd
Wimbledon High School GDST
The Ouseley Church Music Trust
Association of British Choral Directors (abcd)
Come and Sing Scotland
Peter Martin – in memory of Chris Martin, CB, CVO – a friend of equality
Jenny Reavell - in memory of SJC
Dr Rebecca Berkley; Elisabeth Brierley; Patrick Craig
Colin Howard; Jared Johnson; Sarah MacDonald; 
Andrew Nethsingha;  Alex Patterson; Gail Randall; Simon Taylor; Sean Wilson



First Sponsors April 2019 - March 2020 (named within past publications) 


The Choir of H.M. Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace
St Andrew’s Church, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire
The Cathedral Church of St John the Divine (New York)
Hornsey Parish Church
The Choirs of Jesus College, Cambridge
St John’s College, Cambridge
Carson Cooman – The Memorial Church, Harvard University
The Royal School of Church Music in America
Nottingham Cathedral
Somerville College, Oxford
Trinity Cathedral Choir, Columbia, SC
Homerton College
Abigail and Richard Hooper – in memory of Gwen Serena Hooper
Susan Jane Matthews – in memory of Carl and Marilyn Matthews, San Francisco, California
Andrew and Louise Stewart – in memory of Dee and John Stewart
Rosanna Whittock – in memory of David Coram
 Jill and John Bishton; Christine Campbell; Patrick Craig
Rachel and Quentin Duerden (The Nantwich Singers); 
 Bert Landman; Sarah MacDonald; Jenny Nelson
Andrew Nethsingha; Owain Park; Oliver Parker
Brooke Shelley; Dr Malcolm Wallace; Revd Canon Sue Wallace
Janet Wheeler; Sean Wilson




Our funding model 

We have no shareholders or other commercial funding. We use a combination of a start-up loan, revenue from book sales, and donations from private individuals and organisations to pay for the basic running costs of the organisation and to pay some wages for the preparation and publication of our Anthology series and other projects. Additionally, donations-in-kind of many hundreds of hours of expertise are necessary in order to carry out our work. We hope eventually to be able to pay everyone working for Multitude of Voyces at least a Living Wage, and not to be reliant on loans or on the continuing generosity of private individuals and grants, but to be self-funding through the income we bring in from sales of the resources we produce.


We have not been able to attract significant sponsorship or grants from the main church-music or Arts charities. Further information can be found on the Sponsors page for each volume. 


 Our printed volumes of Sacred Music by Women Composers are sold and distributed worldwide by Stainer and Bell Ltd. When our printed volumes are sold, Stainer and Bell Ltd retains a proportion of the selling price (the 'sellers' fee') and when the books are sold by other distributors a further proportion of the selling price is retained by that distributor. When possible, please try to purchase your volumes directly from Stainer and Bell Ltd as this maximises the income which comes back to our organisation. When copies are sold by third parties for a higher price than quoted on Stainer and Bell's website, (£14.99 for Vols 1 and 2 and £15.99 for Vol 3) neither Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. nor our composers receive any of that additional money. Where discounts are quoted on Stainer and Bell's website the discount is borne by Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. without penalty to our composers and other contributors. We urge you to make good use of Stainer and Bell Ltd where possible when purchasing our publications. 


Once the Anthology project has received enough income from sales, grants and Sponsors' donations to pay off our existing debts the ongoing surplus will be used to fund further volumes of the Anthology series and to support our other projects (see Inclusive hymnal and Makaton Mass tabs). 


Covid-19: Inevitably, our work was significantly affected by the closure of churches and choirs in the UK and worldwide through most of 2020 and 2021. We were very grateful for a discretionary grant of £3,500 from Wiltshire Council which helped us pay for essential professional costs (accountants and legal advice), but as a micro non-profit organisation run from a domestic home, with no employees, no other grant or govt monies were available to us. The Anthology project was supported through 2020 by the extension of our 'start-up' loan and by the donation of many 100s of hours' work, so that our project could continue even at this challenging period for music-making. 



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