Sponsorship & Donations

Supporting our core costs


Our work relies on the generosity of schools/universities/private individuals to enable us to continue our work supporting underrepresented and marginalised communities.


We receive no 'core' support from any Arts or church-music organisations or from the government to support our running costs.


Our present situation is unsustainable and we urgently need to raise £20,000 to make up for the shortfall of donations and income through 2021-2022. 


These funds are needed to support substantial esential costs such as insurances, legal advice, accountancy costs, heating, lighting, administration [essential] staff training etc.  The small surplus once our publications and offprints have been prepared, printed and sold, is insufficient to cover these and other costs: this is because we keep the price of our publications artificially low in order to encourage more choirs to programme works by composers and writers from underrepresented and marginalised communities. 


All donations to our work are much needed and appreciated!


Returning and new donors donating £100 or more in 2022 can be named within print-runs of our Anthology of Sacred Music by Women Composers volumes throughout this year. Dedications can be added for institutions or loved ones in place of the name of the donor, if preferred. 


Multitude of Voyces is currently converting from registered non-profit status to registered charity status and it will be possible for donors to Giftaid their donations soon and to 'pledge' regular support. Please return to this page for updates or email louisetewart@multitudeofvoyces.co.uk for further information.  


We would be very glad to hear from individuals or institutions wishing to support our work by donating a choral set of volumes to their choir, church, school or university. These donors will also be included within our 'Thanks' pages, if wished. 


Distribution of Sacred Music by Women Composers Volumes 1, 2 and 3


  Our printed volumes of Sacred Music by Women Composers are sold and distributed worldwide by Stainer and Bell Ltd. When our printed volumes are sold, Stainer and Bell Ltd retains a proportion of the selling price ('the distribution fee') and when the books are sold by other distributors a further proportion of the selling price is retained by that distributor. When possible, please try to purchase your volumes directly from Stainer and Bell Ltd as this maximises the income which comes back to our organisation.


When copies are sold by distributors for a higher price than quoted on Stainer and Bell's website, (£16.99 for Vols 1 and 2 and £17.99 for Vol 3) neither Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. nor our composers receive any of that additional money. Distributors other than Stainer and Bell are entitled to choose their own selling price for the volumes whether that is higher or lower than our 'rrp'. 


Where discounts are quoted on Stainer and Bell's website the discount is borne by Multitude of Voyces C.I.C. without penalty to our composers and other contributors. 


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