We are delighted to host a new initiative for Salisbury, the 'Multitude of Voyces and friends'' calendar. 


This calendar will provide an easily-accessible system to enable people to view public events (related to faith), faith workshops, discussions and lectures, music-for-worship workshops and training, inter-faith events, prayer-meetings and special services for people of all faiths in Salisbury and for visitors to the city. 

The calendar will enable groups to plan ahead, and avoid clashes of date where possible; to provide an online platform for event organisers without their own websites; for creating links and partnerships between events of a similar nature; to help likeminded people make connections with each other; to provide information about Inclusive Church events in Salisbury; to highlight special services which are open to all regardless of faith affiliation; to highlight work being carried out by faith-based charities and community organisations locally; to facilitate a straightforward means of online signing up to events; to enable information to be printed off in a simple format for those without computer access; to broaden awareness of the breadth and depth of faith-related events and services within the city, especially those targetted at supporting those are underrepresented, underutilised, marginalised or vulnerable. 




To advertise your events on the Multitude of Voyces and friends' calendar please contact Louise Stewart for details 








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