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Sacred Music by Women Composers 


Women have always composed sacred music, but their output has often been omitted from established anthologies. In consequence, women are hugely underrepresented in this genre.


Our Anthology series addresses this injustice in a bold way, presenting 63 women composers spanning 800 years of music, across three printed volumes, with many historical works published for the first time, and several works composed specially for our volumes by both emerging and established composers. With your support as customers and supporters, this series will continue to develop over the coming years. 

On Tuesday May 11th 2021 at 2pm BBC Singers (directed by Owain Park) performed a concert on BBC Radio 3 of 12 a cappella works by living composers, selected from all three volumes of our Anthology series.You can 'listen again' for 30 days following the broadcast using BBCSoundsWe are indebted to Owain, the BBC Singers, and their producer Jonathan Manners and assistant producer, Rosie Goodall, for their support of our project. 

With the advent of projects and books such as Multitude of Voyces', women composers can see that they do have a tradition to be part of, a tradition that goes back over a thousand years and will only continue to grow with the burgeoning discovery of music by women in all eras of music. I can only imagine what there is yet to discover in libraries all over the world’.

Judith Bingham OBE, composer

‘We’ve just started singing from the Sacred Music by Women Composers anthology in my chamber choir and I was honestly nearly brought to tears. I don’t think I’ve sung more than a couple of songs by women in the years I’ve been singing, and I really felt the impact of just holding a book full of women’s music. I look forward to your future releases.’ Heather, choral singer. 



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