How our organisation works

Teamwork and networking

Our projects: 

Our projects are brought about by reaching out to sympathetic individuals from the fields of Music, Words and social-justice issues, who share an interest and relevant lived-experience and/or professional knowledge of addressing the areas of underrepresentation and marginalisation. 


 Anthology series:

This work draws on the generosity of Directors of Music, clergy and other church-people from across the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, and from secular choirs who want to see better representation of women in church-music repertoire.


Team  members: 

As each project develops a balanced team is built by the Director, ensuring diversity of skills and relevant expertise. Some workers are paid for their time where we are able, and some generously donate their expertise as an extension of their own salaried employment or as team members or supporters of Multitude of Voyces



The strength of our projects is in the bringing together of likeminded individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, to share and nurture ideas and to support the preparation and publication of our resources in a variety of ways including making recommendations, helping us maintain a prominent presence on social-media, providing feedback on our publications or in helping to raise funds for our work. 



As each project develops the Director draws on support from relevant Advisors to ensure that our projects are appropriately addressing our objects in ways which are meaningful, relevant, educational and welcome. 


The Director is always pleased to be contacted with recommendations for new projects, CVs etc. 



Multitude of Voyces is a member of:

  • Making Music. That organisation provides our Public Liability Insurance and other insurances. 
  • Federation of Small Businesses. This organisation provides support and advice to the Director on matters of organisational management.
  • NCVO. This organisation provides advice and support relating to voluntary work carried out on behalf of the organisation.

Legal advice on matters of copyright is provided by Wilson's Solicitors, Salisbury

Our accountants are Miss S Business Services Ltd (links to our Annual Reports and accounts wil be added shortly)


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